Only use this carrier for babies between 8lbs and 20lbs.

Always load baby into carrier from a seated position. Baby must face toward you until they can hold their head upright. If you nurse your baby while wearing them in a Cub, always reposition after feeding so baby’s face is not pressed against your body. All three positions (inward facing with legs and arms tucked, inward facing with arms and/or legs out, outward facing with arms and legs out) should leave baby’s chin up, face visible, nose and mouth free and legs in a hip healthy M shape (see warning label for safe-use illustrations).

Our signature wrap is certified hip healthy by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Every Cub is shipped with a postage-paid mail-in product registration card, and you can register your Cub online here.


​​We designed Cub to look and feel great, and since we’re all doing what we can to be conscious of the environment, our luxe performance fabric is made from 83% certified recycled materials — that’s 15 recycled plastic bottles in every wrap.

Our Oeko-Tex certified milling process ensures that the materials used to make Cub are free of harmful substances … in other words, totally safe for you and your baby.

We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading producer of recycled performance fiber, a company whose low-extraction, zero-landfill method conserves water and energy and emits fewer greenhouse gasses than virgin fiber manufacturing.

Our fabric has U TRUST verification to certify recycled content, and third-party textile industry certifications (Oeko-Tex, Sustainably Grown, Bluesign) ensure the integrity of our supply chain.

In keeping with our sustainability efforts, our packaging is intentionally minimal and 100% recyclable. Even our mirror cling is adhesive-free and reusable. Every little bit counts!


Machine wash and dry. Yep, that’s it! Just no bleach.

We’re not the boss of you, so fold it, toss it in, ball it up — whatever works.

shipping & Returns

We don’t ship internationally yet, but we’re working on it.