Mom Friends: Velyana
Spin instructor and mom to Zofi

Q: When did you know you wanted to be a mom?
A: Probably when my first niece was born! She was the most perfect, precious little girl and she made me so happy to be around. 

Q: What has been the best surprise of motherhood?
A: I’ve always been dedicated to my work and growth, but the biggest surprise to me since becoming a mother is how nothing matters more than my daughter and her needs — just like the Metallica song :)


Q: What has been the biggest challenge of motherhood?
A: Trying to do work and motherhood and everything in between with equal perfection is mission impossible. Every day is a different challenge and you just have to find the best way to work it out.


Q: How has motherhood changed you?
A: I’m a completely different person now. Sometimes, I don't know where the other person went! Shortly after becoming a mom, I left my full-time job in marketing because it didn’t have any flexibility. Now, recharging means sleep and relaxing means making popcorn and watching a movie in the evening with my daughter and husband.

Q: What’s your greatest strength or source of confidence as a mom? In other words, what are you really good at? Don’t be shy!
A: As a mother, I make sure my child knows I am always here to support her and to understand her struggles. I am good at comforting her more than anyone else — that comes from my mom and granny.


Q: When mom life takes the wind out of you, what little rituals pull you together and help you reset?
A: Well, first, sending Zofi to school, and secondly, my job — being a spin instructor helps with stress and everything I might be holding in.

Q: What’s the best motherhood advice you’ve ever received, or a message you wish you had on your bathroom mirror when you were a new mom?
A: Ditch Dr. Spock, stay strong and don't forget to breathe.


Q: Tag a mom friend you admire, and tell us why. Hype it up!
Jessica Keen McCall, my best American friend, is a great mother and a strong person! She’s one of the sweetest and most caring people I know.